Hunger for Books..

Ha-ha.. The first part of my title is pointing to my frenzy for the book trilogy 'The Hunger Games'.. I read it in the final days of my summer vacations. :p and I fell in love.
I had heard very many recommendations about this series. And I knew the movie was coming and so I paid attention to the people and read it. Honestly, I read the three books in like two days. WOW!!!
I soo want to read the whole series again. But I borrowed the books from someone and have been a little busy. Anyway I then downloaded extracts and there BAM! Stephenie Meyer had written a comment that was what I was feeling. 

“The story kept me up for several nights in a row, because even after I was finished, I just lay in bed wide awake thinking about it . . . The Hunger Games is amazing.”
Stephenie Meyer

I had finished the books  but they were still with me. I perfectly got what Stephenie was going through. I am really excited for the movie. I liked the teaser shown at MTV VMA's. I love what Lion's-gate is doing for it's campaign. I have joined the site.. XP 
Anyone interested..? Go join.. (: 

Okay I mentioned The Lorien Legacies in my posts. The second book has been released. This is old news now LOL. I also read it in my vacations. And I loved it. I love No.6... Oh the third book is going to be exciting. Was so happy when No.4 started liking No.6... :p 
Yay a new girl character. Exciting exciting. Anyway it finished really fast. I was literally like what??? I just wanted to keep reading and continuing with the story..

I have to go. Have two assignments due tomorrow.. 
Good Luck out there.


Update: The fifth book in the 'The Fire and Ice' Series has been released.. It's old news but I haven't yet read the first four. Although I have them  but I can't get myself to read 'em.. I wonder why... 

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