Divergent - I should have written it in quotes - but this is huge, the bestseller in Paperback debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list also the "Hardcover was New York Times" bestseller for twelve weeks - can you believe it??? I still haven't read the book but I have it in my reading pile... We musn't miss this fact that this book was also "Goodreads Choice Favorite Book of the Year". So the sequel to is thrashing bestseller is out... I can't really give my own feelings on the first book as haven't read it, obviously... But I wanted to write about it... Veronica Roth is the lady behind this bestseller and the sequel... EW did the cover reveal of this book last year... This book is on sale now, so... :p
More soon...
P.S. That book list is in drafting stages nowadays.. Will post it soon...
Current read: Looking For Alaska by the awesome author John Green.

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