My Year in Books | 2015

Hello, it has been seriously so long since you guys last saw me on the internet. I have been merely present on Twitter or IG or GR once in a while but my absence from both my blog's has been quite long. 
I wanted to post about my disappearance from the internet and/or blogosphere way before it actually happened but I didn't manage it quite right. Which is a bummer! 😕
But no worries, I will be back gradually on the internet bit by bit. I recently got married and so, well... It takes commitment and time. LOL. 
Anyway, currently suffering from a severe twisted ankle (double bummer :() and um, well, the year is ending so here I am. 😚

So I read 28,652 pages this year which is 104 books. But I re-read a book so that makes it 29,259 pages. I read less than last year which I knew I would. I had set out a target of 50 books and I read way more than that. Buah. Also, I wanted to read more from the books I had set out for yearly TBR but I didn't. Anyway, the books I read were mostly of the AVERAGE LENGTH 308 pages... My AVERAGE RATING for 2015 according to goodreads is 3.6, which is quite good considering...

Btw, I love what goodreads has done this year for this feature.

The last book I read for 2015 was Burning Kingdoms.. I freaking took a month to finish this instalment. 😬 I even missed out on reading the galley for the third and final book I had gotten access to.. 😢 Because I took bloody time reading this one.. 😖 In other fun news, I finished re-reading the Harry Potter books at the start of the year also, re-watched all the films... Gah..😍

I read manga's this year. I started and finished one whole series after watching its anime. Continued with two more.. Also read loads of graphic novels.. That was a fun experience..
 I wanted to review more this year and I did manage to that in the earlier months but that changed when it was nearing the wedding month. Obviously 😉..

Oh I did fail to finish the A-Z Challenge this year, though..😭 Got to read only 21 books.. 😟😔
I joined netgalley and edelweiss this year. Worked with new authors and publishers. And that was fun. 😁 The last few months though got a little busier and I wasn't around much. But I am hoping to get to them next year. Also I am thinking of going on a blogging schedule. I will let you all know once things back to order..😥Oh, one more thing, my blog can now be accessed without the 'blogspot' in it. 😄
This message from goodreads below my challenge widget made my day:
Congratulations! You're really good at reading, and probably a lot of other things, too!
(Why, thank you, goodreads!)😙😋

My faves of the year are coming right up.

Hoping 2016 can be a good year for all us reading and non-reading wise. :)

How did your reading year go??

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