Long Wait! More Reading!

It's out... IT has been three days already. I have yet to get my hands on it... I can't wait... So incase some of you dunno about the book... It is the fourth installment in the "Ivy Taylor/Demon Kissed" series...

The previous had ended on a cliffhanger, and I could hardly wait. I am having my finals-one more to go... Then I will definitely grab hold of this installment.

Meanwhile, I am reading "Dark Eden" it is okay so far. There is a sequel aswell-"Dark Eden 2; Eve of Destruction"... I dunno if I will be following it as I haven't finished the first part. It is about seven fourteen year olds with different fears and they have been seeing a psychiatrist for year or so but there has been no inprovement. Dr.Stevens thinks she can't help them anymore and sends the seven off to a fort Eden in the outskirts of the city. Will-the first person narrator tells it how it is. He doesn't like it-he finds the whole setting fishy. Anyway, he will succumb at the end as he can't go on hiding anymore. I am reading the book for no apparent reason. Sometimes I find myself skipping the pages. I haven't even finished it and look at me... I will tell you when I am finished with it whether I will continue or not. I can hardly wait for Ivy's third installment... Man!

I finally got my hands on the fourth book in the 'My Blood Approves' Series woohooo... I have read a quarter of it already...

I am planning to read "Carolyn Meyer's" "Mary, Bloody Mary"- My sister gave it to me to read... The story line looks good. I am a late reader of classics and I hesitate while reading them. I like watching them being into movies or TV shows or whatever. But I will be reading it... I guess that's it for now.. Will go stretch... Good luck...

Happy Reading!
More soon..

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