Monthly Wrap - Up #6

I only managed to read a few of the book I had set out to read. They are as follows.
The first two books in "The Iron Fey" series- The Iron King and The Iron Daughter. I loved the whole setting in this book. I liked how there was a winter prince and th whole scenario was really pretty. Read it to find I a trying to say. I read the two books without a break. I have started with the third book but haven't gotten round to reading it yet. Gave the frst two books 4 stars.
I also read Hush Hush which I did enjoy. It's a new take on Angels and Demons. Not the book by Dan Brown. Ehehe. Gave it four stars. My thoughts.
Stray by Rachel Vincent was a good read. I really liked Faythe and all the hot guys. LOL. Gave it four stars. My thoughts.
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion was good to read. It dragged in the quarter end of the book but it was still enjoyable and a refreshing take on Zombies. Really liked R. Gave it four stars.
Divergent by Veronica Roth got 4.5 stars cos of the insta-love, Unearthly by Cynthia Hand got four stars for lack of getting to me, Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan was just amazing. Really loved it. I read the novella as well. Both deserve 5 stars.
Every Day by David Levithan was just so mesmersing. Loved A. Deserves 5 stars. The Thing About Truth by Courtney Summers got four stars. Origins: The Fire- the prequel novella to Mila 2.0 did quite a good job in piquing my interest for the upcoming novel- 3.5 stars. Then, Wanted and If Only were new adult books that I read and I didn't like them at all. Due to lack of characters and some other reasons. Gave them a single star.
Also, HM Ward's The Arrangement got my attention. Read the first two books this past month. The third hasn't been read by me, yet.
What books did you read??
Happy Reading.
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