Favorite Chapters #1

This feature will pop up sporadically where I will mention which chapters I really enjoyed while reading the said book. Lemme know what you think about it in the comments section. :p

Today's Selection:

This is the sequel to Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey. By the way, this might be spoiler-ly, so you have been warned. I have reviewed Witch Eyes here if you wanna check that out meanwhile.

One of the chapters I enjoyed reading was 'Chapter 3'. Well, I liked this chapter because this was the first time Braden saw Trey after parting ways. It was sweet and, well, hard for both the guys. Other than the bittersweetness things went escalating in Belle Dam. The quote I liked in this chapter.

I liked the above quote because of the way it was said and whatever next happened in that chapter. :p

Braden was adamant to let Trey know that they could still be together. But Trey is stubborn yet he does falter. He is that guy who is hot one minute and cold the next. I like Braden and Trey both. 

This book was much more darker and much more chillier (:p) and more revealing (obviously) then Witch Eyes.

Another chapter I liked was Chapter 16. This was when Drew and Braden fought the hellhounds together and also when things went more downhil with Trey and Braden. The quote I liked.

There was this situation in Chapter 17 that I liked.

I swear while doing this post I began reading this book again. Haha!

Last chapter, I promise. Chapter 19. This one was kinda funny.

I loved the last chapters of the book for their heart-wrenching pain. 

I shall be reviewing this book very soon-ish

Happy Reading.

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