Monthly Wrap-Up #8

March has ended. GAme of Thrones has premiered. The Walking Dead has ended. I have to watch both these as I couldn't. Anyway, the month has ended that means wrap-up. So, I read Everbound at the start of March like I started reading it after midnight on 28th of Feb right so I counted it as a March read but goodreads has it as a Feb read, so I'll pass it as a Feb read then. Whatever.

So, I didn't read two out of the books I had assigned for my March TBR. The rest I managed to read along with other additons. I am quite happy with my results.

So, after Everbound I dealt with The New Hunger by Isaac Marion. I quite liked it. Gave it four stars. And Broken by A. E. Rought. I didn't like it that much. It got a four star reading. I have done my weekend fave(s) on these books. 

Shattered by H.M ward was a quick read. It got a four star rating. The next three books got a three star rating. I liked the plot but not the pacing or one or more elements. Jennifer Echols' Star Crossed, Maureen Johnson's The Name of the Star (my thoughts) and Jordyn by Tiffany King. (Thoughts on Star Crossed and Jordyn)

The following books made my month of March. They all got the deserving 5 star rating.

Requiem by Lauren Oliver. The kaboom ending to the Delirium Trilogy. The alternating Lena and Hana POV kept things interesting. My review.

Prodigy the sequel to Legend was another awesome book to read. I loved it. My review.

Then nearing end of March I read Clockwork Princess - the final book in the Infernal Devices Trilogy. And it was fantastic. It explored the parabatai relation to scorching depths. I loved every moment. Heart-wrenching finale to the series. Awesome book and series. My review

I ended March with the final book With All My Soul in The Soul Screamers series. I will be reviewing it after mids. All I can say is it was fantastic. A satisfying ending. I actually forgot this was the last book while reading it. Some unexpected kabooms in our way but I did predict way ahead a single scenario. *smug*

What books did you read in March?

And yes, Happy April!!!

Psst. No Weekend Fave(s) post as I didn't get to read any book.

Happy Reading.
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