Weekend Fave(s) #11

It's been a long time since I have posted under this category. Eesh. The weekend is about to end and I know I know I won't be able to read any more books as I have quizzes to prepare for.
So, I read two full-fledged novels and a novella over the weekend. 

I started the month of March with Everbound by Brodi Ashton, the sequel to one my 2012 fave 'Everneath'. I enjoyed reading this book. I fell more in love with Cole. The story sure has progressed. And oh wow the ending. Awesome. The book surely kept me on my toes. It was engaging and full of cool settings. 

After finishing Everbound, I finished reading The New Hunger by Isaac Marion- the prequel novella to Warm Bodies. I liked reading this- it was nice to see how the characters were shown adjusting to the new world and sad to see how Nora lost her brother and how R and M became friends. A 12 year Julie was also shown adjusting to the new life aaround her. 

Remember how I had Broken in my Feb TBR pile, well, I finally finished it. And sadly, I didn't like this book. The last twenty pages or so gave me a little life but overall the characters lacked depth and also I hated the insta-love and I surely wasn't mesmerized by Alex. My dislike maybe because of the fact that it was categorized for middle school readers. But its still being passed as YA. Anyway, I didn't enjoy this book. Some of you might as it is a retelling of Frankenstein. 

So, the winner for the title is obvious.

Everbound by Brodi Ashton.

What books did you read over the weekend?

Happy Reading.

Update: Got myself a new browser. So, yay for images. ehe.

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