Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Game. Set. Match

Hello everyone. Welcome for another exciting cover reveal day and giveaway for author Jennifer  lacopelli's debut novel Game. Set. Match. Lucky to be a part of this reveal and giveaway.
And now let's get the drum rolling, please.

Nestled along the coastline of North Carolina, the Outer Banks Tennis Academy is the best elite tennis training facility in the world. Head Coach, Dominic Kingston has assembled some of the finest talent in the sport. From the game's biggest stars to athletes scraping and clawing to achieve their dreams, OBX is full of ego, drama and romance. Only the strong survive in this pressure cooker of competition, on and off the court.
Penny Harrison, the biggest rising star in tennis, is determined to win the French Open and beat her rival, the worlds number one player, Zina Lutrova. Theres just one problem, the only person whos ever been able to shake her laser-like focus is her new training partner. Alex Russell, tenniss resident bad boy, is at OBX recovering from a knee injury suffered after he crashed his motorcycle (with an Aussie supermodel on the back). He's hoping to regain his former place at the top of mens tennis and Pennys heart, while hes at it.
Tennis is all Jasmine Randazzo has ever known. Her parents have seven Grand Slam championships between them and shes desperate to live up to their legacy. Her best friend is Teddy Harrison, Pennys twin brother, and thats all theyve ever been, friends. Then one stupid, alcohol-laced kiss makes everything super awkward just as she as she starts prepping for the biggest junior tournament of the year, the Outer Banks Classic.

The Classic is what draws Indiana Gaffney out of the hole she crawled into after her mom
s death. Even though shes new to OBX, a win at the Classic is definitely possible. She has a big serve and killer forehand, but the rest of her game isnt quite up to scratch and it doesnt help that Jasmine Randazzo and her little minions are stuck-up bitches or that Jack Harrison, Pennys agent and oldest brother, is too hot for words, not to mention way too old for her.
Who will rise? Who will fall? 

Told from rotating points of view, GAME. SET. MATCH., is a 'new adult' novel about three girls with one goal: to be the best tennis player in the world.
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Jennifer Lacopelli's Reaction to the Cover:
My cover artist is the INCREDIBLE Erin Fitzsimmons, who also designed (and redesigned) the covers for Lauren Oliver's Delirium series! I love how it focuses on the girl, because the girls are truly the heart of this series, plus the couple really looks like Penny and Alex, one of the three couples featured in the OBX series. That's one of my pet peeves, when the models don't look anything like the characters! And of course, the kiss, because really, who doesn't a love a little kissing?! I adore the title treatment. The yellow brightening to the green brings out a fun tennis color scheme. So yes, lots of love from my end, but I fully admit, I may be a little biased.
What do you think?
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Jennifer's special message:
I am also setting up a street team for GAME. SET. MATCH. and the other books that will eventually become the Outer Banks Tennis Academy series.  Everyone who participates in the cover reveal is automatically a member, getting first priority for future cover reveals, blog tours, promotional events, plus sneak peeks, swag and eARCs! I'm including a button for your sidebar, should you want to display it!

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