A quick post before I go back to studying. ;( So, I am confident that I will finally be able to follow my planned TBR for this month. (hence the hooray xP) The next week is a little busy but by next week I will be done with a couple or more books. *_*

I might not be regular this coming week but be on the lookout on Tuesday for the cover reveal and giveaway of Game. Set. Match. Excited about that.

Plus, what if I do get to do a little reading done in the coming week. I might, I might. Also, I am planning to write more reviews. I hope I can get enough time and patience to do that.

Also, my laptop has totally died on me and so I have been succumbed to use either my phone, my iPad or my sister's laptop. And the problem with the latter source is just- the browser is giving me trouble. I know the problem if only the computer would cooperate with me. Grrr.

Well, I will get off now. See ya guys on Tuesday for the cover reveal and the giveaway.

Happy Reading.

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