Weekend Fave(s) #12

So, it's time when I post about the books I read over the weekend and announce the favorite of them all. 
I only read three books or I should say finished with those that I had already started. xP

I read Star Crossed by Jennifer Echols. The first in her new Stargazer series.It was her first new adult book. I gave it a 2.5 stars cos I did start enjoying it for a little while and it took me quite a while to get there i.e enjoying it. Frankly, I was quite disappointed with the book. I have read many of her YA books and have really liked them but this was just, um, I dunno how to put it-- just bland. :-/

I also read Prodigy. The sequel to Legend. Finally finished it. Yayyy. And I absolutely, absolutely loved it. It was just fantastic. I loved everything. All the action that unfolded. I liked how it didn't center around the romance. There were those moments but a lot was unraveled in this sequel. Gave it five freaking stars.

Next, I finished Jordyn by Tiffany King. A first in the 'A Daemon Hunter' Novels. So, I did like the book but I didn't right out fall in love with characters or the story. There were times when I was like it was too much. The drama, the feisty-ness. Gave it 3 stars anyway cos I did like some elements. 

Time to announce my favorite. Well, it is obvious.
Prodigy by Marie Lu.

A well deserved winner. 

What did you read over the weekend?
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