Book Haul (9)

It's been a long time since I have done one of these... Not hauling books from last year cos well, it's too late.. Anyway, excited about this haul...

Physical Books:
All the Light We Cannot SeeThe Girl on the TrainSix of Crows (Six of Crows,...

Excited to read All the Light We Cannot See. It is the Pulitzer winner for last year.. Woot. And loving the synopsis.. So hoping to get to it soon.. Got this book as a gift from the hub!! 😄

The Girl on the Train is turning into a film soon with Emily Blunt as the lead. So want to read this before that. Thanks dear bro for getting this for me.. 

I had to get Six of Crows cos The Grisha Trilogy was awesome... And the tagline for this novel.. Cant wait.. 

Pangea: If you don't like t...The Essential Rumi

I dunno much about Pangea, it isn't that well known.. But it's dystopia.. So...

I would've never got this verse book, The Essential Rumi but I want to venture out into more different genres and as I'm reading The Forty Rules of Love so it is justifiable that I have this book as well... Also given to me by my hub.. 😚
Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)The AlchemistMistborn Trilogy Boxed Set

With all the hype surrounding Red Queen, I finally got it and I am hoping I read it this year.. With Glass Sword out this month I think I should get to it sooner than later, huh?!?

The Alchemist will be a re-read for me.. I dont really remember much of it soo would love to give this one a re-read..

Gah, you guys really excited for this next trilogy that I got.. Gah.. I can finally say I have the boxset of the beautiful edition with the beautiful artsy covers.. The Mistborn Trilogy.. So excited to finally get my hands on these... 


The next books I have are the netgalleys that I got approved for.. Thank you netgalley and the publishers... I have gotten a handful of these in the past year and I never hauled them.. But you have seen them on the blog and such.. And the ones you haven't you will see them soon.. 

Anyway, back to these books... I got Risuko and I love the Japness of this.. Japan yo! 

Sarah Rees Brennan gave us the Unspoken trilogy, I have only read Unspoken but I love it so much I am willing to try Tell the Wind and Fire..  

Risuko: A Kunoichi TaleTell the Wind and FireThe Girl in the Well Is MeArenaAll the Missing Girls: A Novel

I haven't read any other middle grade willingly since Harry Potter, but I so want to get into it again.. So I requested for this copy of The Girl in the Well is Me.. Curious to get into it soon.

I requested Arena because of the Hunger Games vibes to it. I usually avoid such stories cos of the similarities but I really felt like reading this one.. 
The Dragon Round
Megan Miranda gave us one of my beloved novels Fracture.. And when I saw this on netgalley and that it was Megan I jumped into it. REALLY looking forward to reading All the Missing Girls.. 

I dunno why I requested The Dragon Round, maybe it was because of, well, dragons.. but anyway, looking forward to reading this too.. 

Borrowed Books:
The Forty Rules of Love by Elif ShafakThe Architect's Apprentice

My older sis-in-law brought me this duo by Elif Shafaq. I have been reading The Forty Rules of Love and so far really loving it and I am not that far into it.. 

Well, this is it for the books that I got... Excited about each and every one of these.. And I need to find another word other than 'Excited' lol.. Might use 'Ecstatic' next time.. :P

So, see any books you might like to read in this haul? Or would you like to recommend some more based on these that you think I'd like?!?

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Happy Reading.. 
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