Review | Zoey Leigh Peterson's NEXT YEAR FOR SURE

Next Year, for Sure by Zoey Leigh PetersonTaking things for granted never turns out well.. Never take things or humans for granted.. aka relationships.. The major crux of this amazing novel..

Originally I believe this to be YA. I dunno why but I did before reading it and requesting it.  This was a really good adult contemporary.  When I started progressing into the story I was more and more engrossed and really entranced by it.

I loved our female lead and to see her getting killed by letting the man in her life go for another girl was really difficult but it was a clever thing to do in the long run. She shouldn't have let herself through it but  she loved her man and she could do anything for him even if it got her killed figuratively everyday..

I liked all the characters and how engaging they made the whole story. I loved the writing and I will be reading more from Zoey.

I really enjoyed this book. And its adult intricacies. I dunno why I wanted a YA contemporary in the first place-- it maybe because I wanted to get out of my real life. But this book made me more morally alert.

I would really recommend this book to adults gladly.

My Rating:

Special thanks to Netgalley and Scribner/Simon and Schuster for this review copy..


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