The Ivy

Hey hey hey, just finished with "The Ivy: Secrets" and I can't wait for the third book. I read the first two books in two days… *sheepish*
I loved "The Ivy" and then "Secrets". Kudos to Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur for giving us many a few laughs and the guy drama all with the friends fighting over what not. The publishers for the books are Harper-teen. Under the genre: Contemporary, YA / Teen.
Callie Andrews gets accepted into Harvard to find herself facing a dumping through an email from her boyfriend Evan; facing love-to-hate situation with a hunk Gregory; loving-to-love an all perfect guy Clint; and facing the affections of Matt. Let's not forget her roomiest-all out there for Callie. But something changes-what? You have to read and find out. 

The story continues in the next book with her relations tumbling apart due to something her ex did (touched upon in the first book); the fear of being exposed through the tape by Lexie (arch nemesis) clawing at her. Callie deals with guy drama, friend drama, and some arch nemesis drama. She comes clean with it all.

All in all both the books were awesome. I kept reading 'em. There are some funny characters in there. I can't wait for the third book seriously. I was disappointed it has yet to come out. Can't wait! March 3, 2012 – come soon. *fingers crossed*
Love the covers and the color settings. The taglines are awesome aswell.... I hate cliffhangers argh!! Awesome one at the end of Secrets.... Want to read more so badly.... Missing Gregory, Callie, Vanessa, Mimi, OK, Matt and even Clint. 

More soon...

Update: Read the third book and loved it. 

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