Monthly Wrap-Up #14

Well, September has ended as well. My mid terms will be at the end of this month. Time sure is flying. I didn't read a single book from my assigned TBR D: I am actually sad. But I read other books. 17 in total. I had to read books for review and others that were spontaneous.

Below are the books I read  for the month of September:
I went on a reading rampage with Brigid Kemmerer's books one weekend in September. Buahah. I liked the books quite a lot. Like they had me want to keep on reading. I enjoyed almost all the characters especially Nick as he was the funny and sweet twin and I enjoyed his story in Breathless. I liked Spark more than Storm as I like Gabriel. I don't like Hunter that much and the  3rd book is about him so I'm taking my time with it. I gave Elemental 3 stars, Storm 4 stars, Fearless 3 stars, Spark 4 stars, Breathless 4 stars. I might recommend these books as they are quick reads and have an interesting pace. I kept on reading them through the night.
I can't go without reading some H.M. Ward. The last book in her Trystan Scott series came out 2 months back and I had to read it to be done with the series. I read it. Was satisfied with but then I had to continue reading some more Ward and picked up Stripped cos it had Trystan in it. I liked Stripped quite more than Revealed. Jon is my fav Ferro bro so far. I read the 4th Arrangement book as well. LOL. It features the middle Ferro bro, Sean. I gave the former two 4 stars each whereas Arrangement 4 got a 3 star rating.

I read 3 books for review. The 4th book for review is the one I'm currently reading. Anyway, Be My DownfallUntetheredThe Underlighters got 4 stars5 stars and 2 stars respectively. My reviews can be found by clicking on the ratings.
I followed these books with Elizabeth Norris's Unraveling but I was so disappointed with it. I felt deja vu moments with it from the twilight days. When you will read it you will get it. As I still gave it 2.5 stars. I liked the countdown thingy the chapters had going and I so liked the ending.
I read the final book Awaken in the Abandon Trilogy and I loved it. I have enjoyed the trilogy and that's  another series I have completed now. Yayy. I gave Awaken like the first two installments 5 stars. They are the right amount of angst, drama, fun, romance and everything else Meg knows so well.

I liked Please, Look After Mother as it was sad and it made me realize how much I love my mother. It was nice to read from the different POVs of the family members and the mother herself. Although I must say the true sense of helplessness or ingenuity might have been lost in the translation because I did struggle a bit reading this.. As this was translated from Korean. The original book must have been more beautiful. I gave it four stars.I read Dark Swan's graphic novel by Richelle Mead. Well, I didn't like the graphics that much but the story is definitely interesting. I gave it three stars.
The Spring Before I Met You  was just a novella from the mysterious and really angry Jared (whom I love) before he actually met Kami. I loved knowing this little tid-bit about Jared. I gave it 4 stars. Excited for Untold.
Didn't update on GR
The last book I read for September can be said to be Rock Chick. I finally caved in and read it after all the hype  I have seen about it. And damn. I liked it. A lot. I wanted to just keep on reading it. It was written in  a way just a like a movie would begin. At least the starting pages were. Lee, Lee oh man. I liked the guy. Indy would sometimes get repetitive but I still liked her. She was funny. I liked everything about this novel except it seemed a bit stretched out. I gave it four stars. 

This is it for the month of September.

Happy Reading.

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