The Underlighters

Nightmares are bleeding into her waking world. Children are going missing. To save them, she must overcome her wreck of a personal life and a closet full of skeletons. She doesn’t know whether the horrors in the shadows are real...or if she is going mad. 

18-year-old Janelle Cohen is an electrician in an underground city. The world above has been swallowed by mind-destroying Dust. Her small life changes forever when a dragon attacks her on the way home from work. 
Her friends worry that she has the Fever, Dust-induced insanity. A terrifying trip to the surface of the world, the ancient and abandoned Up, deepens the nightmare. With no world left above, she and the other Crows cannot afford to fail… 

Read in Sep '13
Read for Review

I got this book in exchange of an honest review. A GR group Shut Up and Read is doing this R2R for indie authors. And I wanted to check such program. As I have never really participated in other group R2R's.
Anyway, I signed up for this book and started reading it but my experience with this book sadly was not a good one.  

The start had me excited. Dragons. But then confusion struck me. She was writing a journal right from the beginning and I failed to see that until she mentioned it. The entries would merge. And that kind of killed the journaling effect. And there were no dragons but that's not why I didn't like the book. Nearly around 50 pages I got a little bored with the book (it took hold more strongly at this point) and well, the premise of this book what with dust being involved was kind of unique and I would have liked it a lot if only it had worked for me. I wasn’t feeling the book. I was so prolonging reading this book. I am so sorry for not really feeling this book. I skimmed a lot of pages. I didn't like her circle of friends. I didn’t like Janelle that much either. I thought this book would be more enjoyable-- I forced myself to finish the book because that’s only fair but I am sorry I didn’t and stopped after almost 200 pages-- I couldn’t care less about how the story ended or whatever else happened.

Btw, I love the cover. And I am giving this 1.5 stars because I like the cover and I did stick with it for 200 pages or tried to at least. 


Happy Reading.
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