Giveaway for Book Bloggers by Monica Murphy

EEEEPP!!! Book Bloggers read on to see what this giveaway is all about!!!! 

Dear Bloggers,

I first self-published ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND almost a year ago and the response to my book from everyone simply floored me. So many of you reached out to me asking to read it, to promote it, to feature it on your blog. Your reviews made my day. Your tweets, your Facebook mentions, the graphic quotes, your emails…I was completely overwhelmed. In a very, very good way. This book (and the entire series) would be nothing without all of the bloggers out there who supported me and my books from the get go.
I love and appreciate you all. I really, really do. And to show my love and appreciation, I’m having a huge end of year blow out contest for BLOGGERS ONLY. You deserve it. This is a thank you for all your hard work, for everything that you do for me and my fellow authors. You are all amazing, devoting your time and energy to talk about your love for our books. For putting together blog posts and finding fun and sexy photos, animated gifs, etc. Sigh. I could wax poetic my love for you all but hey, let’s get down to what you’re here for.
THE PRIZES. *squee and they are awesome if I do say so myself!*
First up:
This purse peeps! It’s a special Coach leopard print beauty that’s from their fall line. It’s very on trend right now – and a $300 value! Oh my word, I love it. I might want to keep it (I’m not that selfish I promise).
Second up:
TWO $100 Amazon gift cards. I could do a lot of damage with $100 at Amazon. Couldn’t you?
Third up:
TWO $50 Amazon gift cards. I could still do a lot of damage with $50 at Amazon. I could do damage with $10. $5. But I digress…
How do you enter? See the rafflecopter link below!
There will be FIVE winners total! No jumping through hoops, no extra promotion, no nothing. Just click and enter. I want this to be easy for you.
The contest is open until December 1st. That way you get your prizes before Christmas! Yay!
Can I say again how much I love and appreciate you all? This year has been amazing. Drew + Fable…those two crazy kids changed my life. And so did every single one of YOU.
So thank you. And good luck!

Happy Reading.

P.S. Remember, this giveaway is only for book bloggers!! :p
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