Monthly Wrap-Up #15

Yes, I know I know. It is very late for the October wrap-up but I need to do it. I have the November wrap-up in here as well. I still have a week of November left and I will include those books at the end of December. Or I'll do something or update this post. I 'll see. xP

I read the three successor books in the Rock Chick series. I am done with the series and I am thinking of doing the whole series review later. I have so many delayed reviews. OMG. Argh, I literally need to take the time out for them. I really liked this series. My fave guys are Lee, Luke and Mace. Rock Chick Renegade and Rock Chick Redemption got four stars each and Rock Chick Rescue got five stars. I read Beautiful Bombshell as well. It got 2 stars. I don't remember much about it. I am done with the Beautiful series as well. 

I began five new series and I will be continuing with three of those. The first series is an adult one - Allison Brennan's Seven Deadly Sins series - I read Book 1 Original Sin  and I gave it four stars. I liked it. I had it issued from the library and I will be issuing this series later on. The next two are YA books. Amanda Sun's Paper Gods' first book, Ink. I seriously enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the next book. I gave this one four stars. The next series, The Syrena Legacy is by Anna Banks. I read the first book, Of Poseidon and, oh man, I  had so much fun reading it. I gave it five stars. I am currently reading the second book. 

I won't be continuing with Carter Finally Gets It books for no specific reason. I enjoyed the audio-book a lot but I would never have picked it up and read it and I dunno I already have so many series to finish and if I do find audio-books for the rest of the series I  am willing to continue with series but I don't want to really focus on it. I gave it four stars, btw. A Little Too Far was okay and I didn't really like the secondary character on whom the next book is written so I won't be continuing with this trilogy. You can read my two line thought on A Little Too Far, here.

I read Just One Year- the awaited companion novel to Just One Day. I gave it four stars. I would have liked the book to start from where things left off at the first book but i'm not complaining. I would like book 3 though as I am still unsatisfied with this book. Body Surfing by Anita Shreve was a new experience for me. I am willing to read more from her as I quite liked her writing style. I gave it three stars. I read a novella ...And the Stars Will Sing for this RIAR program for a goodreads group but I found that book okay. I don't have much to say about that book. I gave it 2 stars.  This was all for October. Now let's see what I read during the month of November.

I finished the Rock Chick series by reading Revenge, Reckoning, Regret, Revolution and The Redux installment. They got ratings in this order 4 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars and 3 stars respectively. The whole series gets a 5 star rating. I  really enjoyed these books. I would love to see a movie on these. They were written in a way I can see a movie being directed. D:

I finished the Legend trilogy by reading Champion as well. And I have bittersweet feelings about that ending. I loved the book. I love the whole series. I will seriously miss these guys. But it's good this trilogy came with a movie deal. I hope they pick a good cast and a good director. LOL. I gave it 5 stars.

Chosen by Paulina Ulrich was a fine read but it didn't leave that strong of an impression on me. I have to review this book when I get the time. I gave it three stars. I started The Syrena Legacy last month and it made me surf for more Syrena stuff and I came across the short The Stranger and quite enjoyed it. I gave it four stars.

Another series that I completed was The Beautiful series by the duo Christina Lauren. My fav couple was Chloe and Bennett. I liked Beautiful Beginning. I gave 3 stars to Player and 4 stars to Beginning.
I caved in and read Wallbanger as well and I found it okay. Gave it three stars. I also read Soar and liked it. I gave it three stars. 

I will be able to finish a couple of more books for Novmeber and I will add them later on. But this is it for now.

Feel free to leave your wrap-up links for me to check out.

Happy Reading.
Love you guys!!!
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