Monthly Wrap-Up #24

Hello, hello. I have the wrap-up for August finally.. Sorry, but wasn't in that blogging zone. Happens a lot as I have a laptop to share. :/

Anyway, had a great reading month as always... Let's see what I read. Btw, was able to put out only four reviews out this month. Hoping to catch up on reviews.

Ze books:

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan MatsonRandom by Tom LeveenIsla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie PerkinsNever Fade by Alexandra BrackenVortex by S.J. Kincaid

This was the month where I read all the Matson books and I now have my fave Matson book: Amy and Roger's Epic Detour. I had fun reading this novel. This was Matson's debut and no wonder poeple were falling in love with her and her books. I am so glad it was offered as the pulseit's end of summer read. 

Random by Tom Leveen was such a surprise, I didn't think I would like it that much. It is one thought-provoking well written novel. 

Even though Anna and the French Kiss will be my fave Perkins novel, I still enjoyed Isla. Even though it had a few misgivings (which I will discuss in my review) I am glad the series has come to an end and we can expect more exciting and  new things from Perkins.

Never Fade was such an exciting read and I finally read it last month as I had been procrastinating venturing into this somewhat dark world again. Excited for the last book out Oct 28. There is this other novella out which I am planning to read over the weekend or even before that. 

Soo glad I read Vortex this August as it was about time. it was just as fun and mysterious and somewhat shocking as Insignia. Excited for the final book, Catalyst that also comes out Oct 28. \o/

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan MatsonLandline by Rainbow RowellBlack Collar Empire by A.N. LatroSilver Shadows by Richelle MeadOn the Fence by Kasie WestOpposition by Jennifer L. ArmentroutCrescendo by Becca FitzpatrickMagnolia by Kristi Cook

SYHBG is close behind in my likeness for Matson books. I enjoyed it and thought it cute. Matson will be my default book buy author for contemporary's. 

Landline was just as good as Attachments but it didn't top the list for me. I like Rainbow's adult books more than her YA books is there is that. Another author I will be buying books of and recommending to my friends or strangers. D:

AH, Kasie West, she has become another of my contemporary look-out book authors like the above two ladies... There is not a single month where I don't read contemporary's and so this is another author I have enjoyed reads from. On The Fence was just as fun and cute like her previous contemporary installment.

Magnolia was soo fun and  such a big CUTE surprise. It was full of chuckle-worthy moments and even though predictable like all contemporary play-outs it was awesome and I will be looking out for more Kristi Cook. This was a debut novel, I think.

I haven't really read that many mafia/syndicate/crime books (that aren't supernatural) so after reading Black Collar Empire and its novellas I am thinking about venturing into this world but first after sticking to A.N. Latro's world. One step at a time.

Bloodlines lost some of its appeal after The Fiery Heart, but thank god I am still excited for these books anyway-- Silver Shadows redeemed some of that spark again and I am looking forward to the final book, The Ruby Circle. Btw, that cover... Sydney looks not so good. LOL. 

Opposition being the final book wrapped things up nicely even though I want to see more of this world with Dee's story arc just for the alien sake of it. Teheh. And I still don't like the covers.

I finally finished Crescendo. Yay. Have to read the last two books in the series and be done with it. 

Learning Not to Drown by Anna ShinodaBlack Collar Beginnings by A.N. LatroBlack Collar Beginnings by A.N. LatroServants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

LNTD was a good book dealing with the skeletons in our closets in a very metaphorical way and it seriously was a genius way to handle the secrets in our protagonists life. A sad boo featuring harsh truths.

Black Collar Beginnings were a good way to introduce us to the Morgan family and sparked that curiosity for me. Job well done.

SotS's ending was really creepy and that made it stand out for me as the beginning and the dning were the highlights of this book for me. The middle of the book felt to keep me interested for long but I prevailed and it was a good southern horror novel. It wasn't that will-scare-the-crap-out-of-you scary just creepy and disgusting (maybe) kind scary. XP

Edge of End by Suren FantRed Queen by Christopher Pike

These two failed to keep me interested.

The Memory of After by Lenore Appelhans

Um, seriously that whole memory chambers and all was cool but seriously angels, No, that was a total let down. It could have been something else for all i care but not angels.

Happy September, people.

Reviewed Titles:
[Full reviews to come soon]

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