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Rating:  BCB Cuba 

Rating: BCB NY

Rating: BCE

Black Collar is all about the Morgan Family syndicate dwelling around the lives of the two sons, Caleb and Seth, and their cousin Emma. BCB: Cuba centered around Seth, the youngest son of the Morgan's, who is in exile of sorts in Cuba to strike a deal with the Cubans. Whereas BCB: NY brings us to to New York where Caleb and Emma and the other workings of the syndicate. Both of these novellas were 6 chapters and had the tinge of violence or trauma that can be associated with mafia/crime syndicates. These were interesting and sparked my curiosity for the main novel Black Collar Empire. 

Black Collar Empire, i believe set the perfect backdrop into the whole Morgan world and it was intense and shocking and just really nicely done. It was all told in intriguing way which made me like this whole Mafia thing (I don't really like such shady business). Anyway, I was worried for the the characters and the whole situation and just anticipating what could or would happen when I turned that page. The story was told to us in the third person present tense and the chapters were shot in a timeline as was the case with the novellas. I am really curious for Black Collar Queen now and grr it is supposed to come out next year in the spring season. That is too long.

I thought the writing and story telling was quite interesting and it kept me curious and immersed in the plot. I found myself wanting to know more about the characters. Seth and Caleb were thick as thieves along with Emma but after Seth had been gone for long and when he returned to NY after two whole years, longer than he was supposed to be gone, he found his relationship and everything around him unraveling. I was so shocked when Caleb died even though it was in the synopsis (I don't really read synopsis lol - skimming is what i do or don't do). Seth was seen crumbling and then he stood his ground and took the reins in his hand. I found Emma to be a fierce lady who stood her own with Seth. I missed Caleb but I am glad we got to see him in BCB: NY. I liked Vera a lot and I am hoping to see more of her and Seth in BCQ. Nicoletta was an enigma but meh, I am more interested in Vera. I am anticipating Rama and Emma and who knows Emma and Seth's story-line in the next book.

The last few chapters after the twist was bam (it was bam even before that) but that scene whoa, it was like an intense movie. Loved it. I loved this trio quite a lot and will be on the wait for Black Collar Queen. Can't wait. I am soo glad I signed up for these books. 

"If he is so ineffectual at controlling his own fate, he will never move again." 
(Black Collar Beginnings: Cuba)

"'Caleb watches the city. Like it's his own private playground.'"
(Black Collar Beginnings: New York)

"There is so much, in a name."
(Black Collar Empire)

A potentially great series, you can get it now and be a part of it.

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