E. Lockhart's We Were Liars

WWL has been the rage in the book world since it got into the hands of the early readers and later on when it was released...

I kept away from all the reviews in order to avoid being spoiled... I did hear all the raves about it and it sort of made me not want to give in to the hype.. But I read it finally this past month and dare I say it was astounding.

I have read E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver books and they are cutesy and fun but not out-rightly fab for me. So I knew this was totally different from that series. And boy was it...

We Were LiarsWhen I went into the novel, I didn't really know anything about the novel just that there is a huge revelation that will make the book go BAM for you.. 

I read it and didn't really appreciate the whole way it was written. I was getting bored and juts frustrated and really getting close to not caring. I would complain to my sister (she had read it before and had absolutely loved it). Anyway, she would tell me to be patient and wait for it and also that it was okay if this book wasn't doing it for me.. (; 

So, I love the fact that the chapters were short and I wish I had (could have) read in one sitting or even two sittings. But I had to stop reading the book so many times... Maybe that's another reason I was getting frustrated with the book... Anyway, the BAM moment was a complete surprise... I seriously wasn't expecting THAT. And that is what made it all the much better and let me appreciate the whole thing-- it was sad, this whole facade that the Sinclair's were living and also what our narrator went through... 

I got teary-eyed to be honest when Cadence finally realized everything... And I loved how Cad would tell the children stories... My mom used to tell us (me and sibs) these (the original versions) at least.. A monumentally insane novel.. 

Be patient with it and don't no judging... And lie for all you care... XP


Happy Reading..
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