Bout of Books
So, it's the second day and so far I haven't done any reading. *cue fail music* But I am still positive that I will be able to finish at least one book for sure.

Anyway, let's see how I did for the first day.

Books Read: 3 and a half
Books Completed: 4
Total Pages Read: 478 p
Hours Read: Almost 4 :p

Books: Random (224 p), Edge of End (134 p), Black Collar Beginnings: Cuba (60 p) and New York (60 p)

I had read half (106 p) of Edge of End prior to the readathon so I finished that. For BLB: Cuba, I had read 3 pages before the event, the rest I read yesterday. Random and BLB: New York were read fully yesterday. The BLB books aree actually novellas. Woot for novella fun.

Edge of End by Suren FantRandom by Tom LeveenBlack Collar Beginnings by AN LatroBlack Collar Beginnings by AN Latro

Planned Books for Day 2:
Black Collar Empire

Black Collar Empire (Black Collar #1)Landline

Good Luck everyone. I hope y'all are doing fab in everything.

Happy Reading.
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P.S. I am updating my progress through instagram pics. Follow me if you want to see what I have been reading for the read-a-thon.

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