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Closer Home by Kerry Anne KingI am so glad I signed up for Closer Home's review copy from NetGalley because I really really loved this book and its characters and the writing. Being my first Kerry Anne King book I am quite  glad my experience was wonderful.

Closer Home had me engaged right from the start.  As the story  progressed my curiosity and interest increased as well along with my love for the book.

I LOVED Lise as our narrator. I found her funny, responsible, cool and just I really liked her. It was great being in her head. I loved her thought process and how he was with her niece, Ariel.

Ariel was another really great character. We didn't really get to be inside her head but Lise was a reliable source for her feelings and emotions.

Shadow was one shady character and I loved Lise's breakdown about his personality/behavior. You will understand what I mean when you read the book. LOL.

Dale was one mysterious character but I  fell in love with him the instant he left the first scene at the airport. We did get to be inside his head a couple of times which was great to read.

So, in short I loved this book -- the plot, the characters, the travelling, Dale's family. :P

One thing I had already guessed about the Dad. It was kind of obvious but, oh well. The other being I felt the last few scenes were kinda rushed after that certain confession -- It couldn't have gone any other way but I still didn't like the . Even though the ending was perfect. 4.75 stars to this lovely book.


Special thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for this review copy.

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