The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina BivaldI finally read this absolutely fun novel by Katarina Bivald. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a beloved Swedish debut novel and I enjoyed it immensely.

With translated novels most of the times the feeling of the novel is truly lost but in this case, I could definitely feel it. And if I had read this book in its original from I am sure that would have rocked my socks off. Just like this translated version did.

I love the idea behind this book and I so want to do what Sara did. Go visit my pen pal and live in her house but with said pen pal to enjoy all the books with.. Along with the books, visiting new places and interacting with new people and/or people sighting is one thing I really like. I like to wonder where, who, how they do what they do. I loved what Sara did with the bookstore. Gah.

My reading in the beginning was a bit slow but gradually I began reading it in big spurts and was highly enjoying it. I think I have finally started grasping this adult general fiction genre. Grasping it in the sense of actually figuring where and how the story is going. I mostly tend to read YA and with YA things are all straight forward so I am tending to enjoy this genre more and more now.

Ok, I rambled a bit there. Let's talk characters.. I loved them all. Starting from Sara to George. The story was told in third perspective with multiple pov's as it is with general fiction.

I loved the rivalry between the two towns: Hope and Broken Wheel. And the fact that the townspeople were pushing the duo together, haha. That was funny. I loved the setting, the
connection between the folks and the way they accepted Sara and also the whole visa thing.

I think every reader can relate to Sara in her love of books. We tend to lose time while reading a book. And I lost myself in this book. Simply splendid, every reader should read this. Or shall I say every fiction lover.

Teaser: "With books, she could be whoever she wanted, and wherever she wanted."


Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks for this review copy...


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