Review | Robert Lopez' ALL BACK FULL

All Back Full All Back Full was definitely weird. The writing style was definitely different. And/But definitely real. πŸ˜›

I don't really know how else to review it. But just it did keep me wanting to not read it but then wanting to just know what else the characters would talk about. The writing style was different and it didn't really make us connect with the characters but that was the whole point: to lay the foundation of relationships. It was distracting but sufficient.

This book has the power to really sink it's underlying meaning or it can completely roll  off but really the conversations these characters were having.. Goodness. At times I would go like, "... what the hell am I reading?..."

But I did get what this book or the author wanted to tell us. And I love the book for that. But I took a lot of time to get there in this really short book with three acts. Hence my 3 star rating.

This book is going to be a hit or miss with the readers. I am somewhere in between.


Special thanks to Edelweiss and Dzanc Books for this review copy.

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