Review | Kasie West's BY YOUR SIDE

By Your SideHiya.. I knew not to expect any less from Kasie in terms of loving and enjoying the book. The plot is amazing.. I would love to get locked in the library but with every other essential with me.. Hahha..
I loved this book. I have loved Kasie's every other book but I haven't given any 5 stars.. This book got a full 5 stars because I liked everything about it..

I read this book in one night three hours straight. I know. Haha. It was so captivating for me.

The Breakdown:
Characters: 3/5
Writing: 4/5
Pacing: 4/5
Story/Plot: 4/5
Attention Span: 5/5
Ending: 5/5

I loved our leads. I loved their dynamics. I loved how I could relate to our female lead.

She went out of her way to be there for her friends and family but she was definitely not looking out for herself which was the biggest mistake she was making. And I am so glad she finally realized she wasn't taking care of herself. Because one needs to take care of themselves first. You have to think about others around you but not at the expense of ruining your health. I don't like this thing about me as well. Even though I don't feel that great or I am in immense pain I still try to be there without any fear for my own health. I did it when my ankle was broken. I am doing it these days too, during my pregnancy and I have to take care of myself and I am getting there. Hopefully.

This book was sweet, and funny, and it made me happy and made me realize things as well. Which is why I love Kasie's books soo much.


What did you think about this one?

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