Review | Vic James' GILDED CAGE

Gilded Cage has the same ingredients that every other dystopian, semi-fantasy book has out there with the classic division of have's and have-not's with the added element of magic. 
It's a dystopian with the world divided into elites and the non-elites in this case the Equals—the Skilled aristocrats— and the Non-Equals who have to give up a decade of their life to slavetowns without any pay.

The times are bleak as in this world you don't get to be a full citizen until you complete your slavedays. 

Told from multiple POV. We get to see the world through members of a family torn apart due to the slavetown agreement. Not all family members of our protagobist family get to go the world behind the Gilded Cage where the Skilled (the family with magic) live. 

The book ends on a semi non-cliffhanger that sure makes one want to know what happens next. I want to read the next book just because, but I am not that eager to do so as my experience with this book was a-okay. 

I, for one didn't like the similar high end family trope and the love story sure added to my dislike. This setting has been the backdrop for so many novels out there that I just can't. I didn't really like the characters or the plotline. 

The last few chapters saved the book for me or it would have been a two star read for me. 

Rating: 📖📖📖

This book was highly loved on Wattpad so there's that. 

Special thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for this review copy. 

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