Paucity of Reading over the Weekend!! :(

Hey, I didn't get to do any reading over the weekend :( Which means there will be no Weekend Fave(s) post. I know. 

This is what happened over the weekend that resulted in me not completing reading no books: 

On Friday:
I woke up feeling sick. :( The whole day was spent lying on the bed.

On Saturday: 
I was feeling much better. And then I had to get ready for my bestfriend's wedding. I had so much fun. Met my other oldie friends, too.

On Sunday:
I was in a reading slump. I had to do work on my thesis aswell. Also, I am rewatching all the Grey's Anatomy seasons so far. On Season 5 now. (:  

So, you can see I didn't read no books. I did start a couple but as I said I was in a slump so wasn't in a hurry to finish them.

So, what books did you read over the weekend? Any favorites? Has anyone of you gone through a reading slump or any kind of slump!?

Happy Reading.
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