Weekend Fave(s) #4


Hey, I had a very busy and tiring weekend but I still managed to read three books. Yayy. xP
I read Francine Pascal's The Sweet LifeShattered Soul by Jennnifer Snyder and Cassandra Clare's City of Fallen Angels.

The Sweet Life was such a huge disappointment. I have read the Sweet Valley books and I was expecting that fun-ness and lightness from this too. I haven't read the Confidential series so maybe that was one reason I didn't like this. But, I still believe if a book is written nicely with a good story you are bound to like it. I didn't like this book. I wanted to give it a single star but I gave it a two star rating on goodreads for whoever's sake. 

Jessica Snyder's Shatered Soul was so darn depressing. I don't like drugs. This book was harsh and so truthful. At the end of the book I was like, why oh why did I read this book. I wanted to give it a two star rating but I gave it a three star rating as it was harsh and honest. 

The winner of the title 'Weekend Fave' is definitely Cassandra Clare's City of Fallen Angels. This book wasn't depressing nor is written badly. I am liking this series so much. This is the fourth in The Mortal Instruments series. I am reading the fifth book, nowadays- I will be done with it by tonight, most probably.  There are supernatural/paranormal beings in this along with some romance. Some good strong characters.

Have you read any of the above mentioned books?

Happy Reading.
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