Flightless Bird

A secret from the past...The summer of her seventeenth birthday, Livy Eckels was faced with something she wasn't ready for. In the midst of a crumbling family, devastated, she grabs her bicycle and heads out of town to escape the atmosphere at home. Livy unexpectedly crashes into the lives of two mysterious people living on the outskirts of town. As she prepares to start her final exhaustive year of high school, she already has enough on her plate. Then with the entrance of Gregory Mason, her life becomes even more complicated. Tall, handsome, and ever so annoying, Livy can't stand being around him until she finds herself being pulled closer and closer to things she cannot explain.She was determined to understand why Gregory Mason was so interested in her until she discovered something that may put her curiosity to an end. Before she knows what is happening, Livy becomes entangled in the mystifying plots of a secret society, a vengeful ex-lover, and a situation she never expected to find herself in: falling in love with a boy whose secret she should have never known.

Read in Nov' 13
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A while back I was reading this ARC by an author who I know has a YA series as well. I am friends with her on twitter and I expressed my wish to read her YA series as well. And she was kind enough to send me the book as a gift. Thank You Paulina for that treat.

FlightlessBird is the first book in The Flightless Bird series by Paulina Ulrich. The first three books are already out. The fourth book is scheduled for release in 2014.

I liked the synopsis and the cover. That cover didn’t really give away much but the new cover change made it a surety that this book has something to do with time travel.

Caution: Ignore the constant use of the words ‘sometimes’ and ‘like’ and some other recurring words. <_< (Also, the in-coherency.)

I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked it sometimes and sometimes I just wanted it to end. This book was long. It could have done fairly well had it been short and compact. I didn't like the slow pacing in this book. I liked… the writing style. But I felt it lacking sometimes in the way that I almost felt nothing in the moments the characters shared. I was on Chapter 12 and I was like, ‘Give us answers already or some action at least.’ Like, I get it. There needs to be a buildup but seriously I was getting tired of the attraction between the two main leads. I liked the names of all the chapters. -- I don't know but the book scenes seemed like Twilight, Unbreakable whatever. Time traveling was different. But I wasn’t sure if the book was leaving an impression on me. It was readable but frustrating. And. Not in a good way. I was so waiting for the plot twist. I had to wait for a long while. When the twist finally came, I wasn't really impressed. :/

Seriously, the question sessions and then whispering in the back of the class -- Twilight much?!!? Livy was not a solid protagonist. Neither was Gregory. The proper execution was missing. Sorry. L Also what is with the authors- making every guy speak like a gentleman? Why can't they act like normal teenage boys? Not act, talk. Gah. I didn’t like Gregory’s use of the endearment ‘love’. *gags*

Sometimes I liked how the two leads were but it seemed like the situations were dragged- as in the frustrations and/or the plot. LOL. Sorry. I am not making sense. If you get me, then comment!! LOL.
My book notes were literally like ‘I don't get it.’

I didn't like how Livy was always contemplating and thinking. Argh. It’s not her fault. And what is with the insecurity. Well, I think that happens. Yeah. Guys suck. I can side with her in that situation but it was too much. I felt like Livy was trying too hard to be smart or whatever.  Unnecessary stress or whatever—unnecessary emotions sometimes, more like. For instance, when in Chapter 33 Gregory asked her if she had any plans for Saturday and I didn’t like how Livy responded. He wasn’t ‘pestering’ her he only asked her a simple ‘yes or no’ question. That question wasn’t mysterious. And yeah you can say it was random but not really. That dance scene where she was like I don’t deserve you – like what’s with self-deprecating girls?

And I felt like Gracie was that cliché best friend who was outspoken, chirpy, getting whatever she wants, liked by everyone. I liked her but then sometimes she was too much. But I liked her nonetheless. :p I liked Cecily and (Grandma Jean) as well.

Random: I thought it had things to do with time travel and the bird was an allegorical reference to one of the characters. So it was nice to finally find the reason behind the title and who called it. My guess was close, btw. ;)

So, I will be reading the next book that is for sure because well, I did like this book (kind of). I believe maybe I wasn't in the right mind state to not have loved this book; to not have enjoyed this book. And who knows I might really like the next book. Because sometimes, you don’t like the first book but you like it enough to read the next book or be sure of the fact that you will like the future books. Does it make sense? I did enjoy some parts. So... read the book. 

Will I recommend it? (Hesitant) Yes, I will still tell you to check it out as you might like it more than me. 

Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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Happy Reading.

P.S. I wish I loved this book and that makes me sad that I had problems with it. Perhaps not every book is for everyone. Le sigh.
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