Yearly Favorites (Series)

These are the series that I fell in love with this year. These are the ones I discovered this year. And/or finished this year. Let's start with the list then. It's not necessary that I finished them. I might be in the midst of it. But I love them anyway. 
  1. The Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley

    I had stopped myself from starting this series back when the fame for this book started. I willed myself not to read it. I didn't want another bandwagon to join in on. I wanted to be far form it. But this year, I just did. I picked up the whole series. And I fell in love. I loved how they were written. They were enjoyable, full of angst, over the top drama, awesome protagonists, action. When I read the first book- I was so impressed. I loved how the book began it wa slike I was watching  movie. It was like someone would direct a movie, you know. I hope I am making sense. If I am not, well, read the book to see it. Oh, before I forget, there are hot guys in here. My favorite guys being Lee, Luke and Mace and later when I read Vance's story he also got into my fave guys. And I think Mace got out. But I still love these four guys. My fav couple would be Lee and Indy. I love Lee. Lol. There are 8 books in the series. I loved all the craziness in these books. I know for sure I will be reading more books by Kristen.And it's an adult book series. D:

  2. Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer

    I was seeing this series everywhere last year and I had been wanting to read it and this year I did. I read all the books that have been out so far. I devoured these books. I read them during late July or was it August. I think my favorite twin is Nick and I loved the easygoing mood in these books and that friction the book seems to have. I am saying weird things. Lol. I found the world and the story-line to be cool and really catchy. I think I have started Spirit the third book and haven't gotten round to finish maybe cos I don't really like Hunter that much. EHehhe. Anyway, the fourth book is to come out next year.

  3. The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks

    I read the first book and the short story and I am in the middle of reading the second book. I loved the first book. It was funny, it was whole wordly. It was goood.

  4. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

    How can I not mention this series in my fav series this year? Although, that ending was not-- I need freaking closure. Like seriously. I can't wait for when the casting for the movies start. I have thrust the series to my sister and yes, she will be reading these books next year for sure. I read the last two books this year. 


  5. The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

    Well, I read these books this year. The first book was read in February of this year, I think. Whereas, I delayed reading Insurgent and finally caved and read it in November and then jumped on to read Allegiant. Well, I am kinda angry at the way things ended when I finally registered it. It was brutal. Arghhhh. 


  6.  The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr

    At first, I was regretting my decision about getting these books. Maybe it was because I had already started another Fey series (the Julia Kagawa one) and I don't think I like faeries that much. Anyway, the creatures were the same. I loved the whole winter and summer queen setting. Like the world building was amazing but the first two books didn't really do much for me. But then I read the third book and bam I was getting to really enjoy the world a whole lot more. The fourth and the fifth book were then more interesting to get through as I had found my fave male character, Seth. Eheh. Before reading the final book I saw its trailer and the trailer was so amazing. Reading the final book was really bittersweet and I really liked how the series ended. Psst. I really like the covers.


  7. Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver

    Well, the last book made me love the trilogy a whole lot more than before. My fav book will be the last one. :p Requiem's review can be accessed, here.


  8. The Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer

    Two more books to go in this series. I absolutely enjoyed the first two books. They are fantabulous re-tellings of our favorite Disney characters. My thoughts.


Which series were your favorites this year???
Happy Reading.

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