The Lunar Chronicles

Read in: October '12 (Glitches), February '13 (Cinder), June '13 (Scarlet)
Read for: A-Z Challenge '13 + Universal TBR
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer- there are four books out so far. Two full-length novels and two novellas. Out of the four I have read 3. Glitches- the prequel novella to Cinder, Cinder and its installment Scarlet. I have yet to read The Queen's Army. I read Glitches before finally picking Cinder. Glitches only added to the interest I already had for Cinder's storyline- a cyborg Cinderella story- who wouldn't want ot read that- a futuristic setting always attracts one. D:

I gave Glitches 5 stars on goodreads. I read it back in 2012. It is a background story like all the prequel novellas have to the main story. We saw how Cinder came to love with Linh's and also how and why Cinder was blamed for causing her sister's illness. Also, Cinder experienced some glitches and what not. 

I liked Cinder even though it was somewhat predictable. I will let my GR thoughts sum up my feelings.

I gave it 5 stars for being cool. Ehehe. I found Marissa a genius for constructing such a cool (I know I am repeating myself by saying cool D:) setting. 

You can see that I thought Kai was a cool addition to the fictional guy list. Well, I didn't think the same when I read Scarlet just last month- btw kudos to Marissa for being so canny and calling him, Wolf (you know this installment in the Lunar Chronicles is actually a re-telling of Red Riding Hood.) And right before chapters would start- there were original bits from the Red Ridind Hood which was COOL. I really liked Scarlet. I enjoyed this installment more than Cinder. It was written beautifully. I was flying through the book. I can't wait for the next book. I gave this book 5 stars as well.

I will let my GR thought on Scarlet end my mirage of thoughts. D:

Will I recommend these books? Hell, yeah!! 

Prequel Novellas:
                                                    Lunar Chronicles 0.5
Lunar Chronicles 1.5

Remaining Books:

Have you read these books? What did you think? Who is your favorite character? 

Happy Reading.
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