Wrap-Up: 30 Day Reading Challenge

I wasn't able to do an update for the 3rd week of this challenge. So, I had a total of 14 books to read. I read 8 out of those 14. I started 4 of those remaining 6 and did not finish them. If you want to see my first and second week updates for the challenge, you can do so by clicking here and here.

Anyway, week 3 of the 30 Day Read was spent reading A Game of Thrones. And in the last week I read The Firebird at the start of the week. I started The Diviners (23 pages), Shadow of the Night (25 pages), Sunset Rising (12 pages) and The Darkest Minds (8 pages) here and there.

These are the books I mananged to finish for the whole month:
The Firebird
A Game of Thrones
Radiant Shadows
The Changelings
You Are Mine
A Discovery of Witches
The Blemished
Fix by Force

My total of these finished book is 2996 pages.

Adding up the pages I read for 4 of the unfinished books makes the total upto: 3064 pages out of 6000 pages.

I had already stopped reading majorly days ago. Well, I think I did okay! D:

Anyway, tomorrow is the BookTube-A-Thon Read-A-Thon! I am participating in it. It's just a week and I will ace it I am hoping.

Btw, we still have a day till the challenge ends but I am done.

Who else participated in the 30 day read? Leave me your wrap-up posts so I can check 'em out. Also, how many of you are participating in the booktube readathon??

Good Luck.
Happy Reading.
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