Update (2): 30 Day Reading Challenge

Two weeks have passed. Only half a month left for this Challenge. I didn't get to read that much for the second week of the 30 day read which makes me go sad. 

Breakdown of what happened the whole week:

Monday (June 24):
Started The Changelings. Also, read a little of A Game of Thrones.

Tuesday (June 25):
Finished The Changelings. And began reading Radiant Shadows. Read a few pages of A Game of Thrones as well.

Wednesday (June 26):
Kept on reading Radiant Shadows.

Thursday (June 27):
Finished Radiant Shadows.

The next four days were spent reading or not reading for the Debut-A-Thon challenge that I failed miserably. 

So far the page count is 1732/6000
I should have crossed 2000 pages by now. ):

How is everyone else doing page count wise? I know some are doing quite well by following the progress on #30DayRead!

Happy Reading.

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