BookTube: 30 Day Reading Challenge!

Okay, I am doing it. Starting from today June 17 till July 16, I will read 6000 pages. I just spent, a whole, dunno, half hour maybe, or so making the list of books I want to read for the challenge. The hashtag #30DayRead will be used throughout the month. I will link up the youtube channels later. I remember booktubers shoutatme, bookishmusings are invovled. I am delirious right now. :D

I will quickly post the books I will be reading.

Fix By Force: pg 121 (188-67 - I am currently reading this: 67 pages through)
Radiant Shadows: pg 212 (340-128 - another current read: 128 pages through)
You Are Mine: pg 273
The Blemished: pg 328
The Changelings: pg 275
Sunset Rising: pg 325
Gameboard of the Gods: pg 448
The Firebird: pg 484
The Darkest Minds: pg 488
A Discovery of Witches: pg 579
Shadow of Night: pg 584
Game of Thrones: pg 864
Edge of Nowhere: pg 448
The Diviners: pg 578

Total: 6007 pages \o/

Phew. Gonna go to bed now. Goodluck to us all. 
Don't forget to join in. It's not too late. 
Happy Reading.

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