'New Adult' Reading Challenge 2k13

I have been meaning to sign up for this challnege for so long. Finally got the time today. I have read quite a many books in the new-adult categhey won't be counted as I haven't really reviewed them fully. 

Anyway, A Tapestry of Words will be co-hosting it with three other bloggers this year: Victoria from Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer (she is also a member of the NA Alley blog), Tara from Tater's Tall Tails, and Barbara from Basia's Bookshelf

For those of you who are new to New Adult, it's fiction dealing with college-aged characters and the issues they're facing. A lot of New Adult happens to be contemporary, but this is NOT a requirement — other genres like fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi can also be New Adult! 

Challenge Levels:

I am going for Living On Your Own!!

  • Just Graduated: read a minimum of 5 New Adult books
  • Moving Out: read a minimum of 10 New Adult books
  • Living On Your Own: read a minimum of 20 New Adult books
  • Fully Independent: read a minimum of 30 New Adult books

  • I will be doing mini-reviews on goodreads and full reviews here.

    Sign-up for the challenge by visiting the blogs mentioned above. You can also sign-up on the goodreads group 

                            "New Adult" Reading Challenge

    Happy Reading.

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