Wrap-Up: Debut-A-Thon

My first ever Debut-A-Thon Read-A-Thon, but second Read-A-Thon on the whole (30 Day Read (the first ever))and I failed to complete my reading goals.
I will break down the events that resulted in my failure to ace the challenge. 

Thursday (June 27):
I began reading the first #Debutathon book Splintered in the evening. 

Friday (June 28):
Finished Splintered and started Taken. Didn't get too far in it.

Saturday (June 29):
Read a few pages. Less than a quarter book was read so far. The beginnings of a reading slump were felt. Then I had a birthday party to attend and the whole day got wasted. 

Sunday (June 30):
The reading slump got a hold of me fully. Just gave up on the challenge. :(

I am thinking I should have only decided to read two books. Also, I began reading really late. If I had started early, I still could have made progress. Anyhoo, I would have certainly managed to read just two books. Or I shouldn't have started with Taken. It made me go into a reading slump. :'(

Anyway, I hope guys did much better than me!! I would like to know if you met your reading goals or not? What books did you manage to read?

Happy Reading.
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