Monthly Wrap-Up #10

May has been a good book in terms of almost completing my TBR!! Rest of the month has been somewhat busy and what not. I have my exams on Monday. Haha. I am going back to studying right after blogging. I got tired of studying. Played a little and then felt like blogging.  Before I break it down, I will be posting on the 7th of this month for the cover reveal of David James's book, so look forward to that!!

Now for the wrap-up. I started the month by finishing Scandal the fourth book in the Ivy League series by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur. I didn't like this installmet that much. Hmmm. I have mentioned the first two in detail previously. You can find that post here. I think I haven't really reviewed the third book. Brr. Anyway, I gave this three stars. I don't feel like reviewing this book. :-/

I read two new-adult novels last month and um, I found them okay. I read Damaged by H.M. Ward and Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines. Talking about new-adult novels I still haven't signed up for the new-adult challenge. Grr. Back to the books at hand. I gave them two stars each. I felt the titles were just- I didn't fall for their damageness and imperfection!! I have forgotten the story- um, suffice to say, they didn't leave an impression on me. I only picked up these two cos I can't really pass up anything written by Holly but well that was a bummer this time. My goodreads impressions can be found here. And the latter was picked without any specific reason. I was bored. :D

Well, anyway, I finished a series this past month that still made it into my favorites last year (haha- I cheated?!). I can proudly say that I have ended the Caster Chronicles. I read Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption- the former has already been reviewed along with a favorite chapter(s) post on it as well. I gave the 3rd book four stars and the last book 4.75 stars. These last two books were sometimes a tad bit boring but otherwise good. I give the series 5 stars, yeah. redemption was a good end to the series. It was saddening to read it. I will hopefully be reviewing Redemption after I am done with my exams. xP

I also read The Selection and I didn't quite like it. I have already posted my thoughts on this one. This got two stars. :-/

I began a new series, namely the Wicked Lovely series by Marissa Marr. I read the first two books- Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange. I took my time reading Ink Exchange and I finished it on the last day of the month. *thumbs up* I will be posting a review once I finish the whole series. I gave the first two books three stars. 

I have already begun the third book- Fragile Eternity and also another new-adult Let It Go for the month of June. I will tackle them after the exams.

Oooh, almost forgot- I also followed the novella to Ink on Wattpad- Amanda Sun updated new chapters to the prequel Shadow every Tuesday and Thursday. I absolutely can't wait for Ink. It is set in Japan! Japan!! You can read the novella here. Also, the deets on Ink here and here.

Pre-order SHADOW from: Amazon / Amazon (CAN) / B&N / Kobo 

Pre-order INK from Amazon / Amazon (CAN) / Chapters Indigo / B&N / Books a Million

So, this is it for the wrap-up. What books did you read for May??

Happy Reading.
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