Bland 'The Selection'

I never really wanted to read The Selection. I was never attracted to it. The time it released I was more into stuff that was not princess-y. The reason I picked this book was after I heard CW was planning to pick this show, sadly. I think a show on this book would have been more interesting to watch than read. As one can watch all ridiculousness on TV but can't really read it. Also, bad movies on good books can make one hate the book without never really reading the book or make on enot want to read the book and a good show can make one like a bad book without ever really reading the book or make one want to read the book. It's all about pretenses. Period.

Now, I am not saying everybody will not like this book. It is a well-loved book. I think one of the reasons I didn't like the book was because I am not a teen anymore but that still doesn't make me not like every teen book. Most of my beloved books are based on teens. I didn't like this book because it was all predictable. I didn't approve of the way the book was written most of the time. I didn't accept the female protagonist, America Singer. I found her to be fake. I was liking the book in the beginning- it was kinda cool to read how America was when the Selected were being announced. Things made me really angry after America met Maxon- the Prince. I want to hit America on the head. And I am sorry I didn't feel anything for her 'relationship' with Aspen and Maxon. The ending to the book. God, how very predictable and lame. Ugh!! I dunno why I didn't give this book a 1 star rating. Will I read the next book? Not really. I won't be jumping to read it. 
Will I recommend the book to anyone? No.


My Rating:
Have you read The Selection? What were your thoughts? 

Happy Reading.
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