Cover Reveal: Anomaly + Redesign of Casual Enchantment Series

Today, I am excited to reveal the cover for the fourth book "Anomaly" in The Casual Enchanment Series by K.A. Tucker. The Causal Enchantments is a Young Adult Paranormal series. ANOMALY is set to be released in the fall 2013.

The Cover:


It's amazing. Isn't it? Love the whole back and front. Just. Awesome. What do you think? 

Other than the cover reveal for the last book in the series K.A.Tucker did a whole redesign for the predecessor books to celebrate the end of the series. Below you will find the new covers along with their synopsis.

You can catch upto her on her:

All the covers together:

They look magnifique!!

What do you think of the cover redesign????

Happy Reading.

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