Take Your Time in 'Beautiful Chaos'

The third book in the Caster Chronicles was a little bit difficult to get into. I did get into it but still I didn't really love this installment like I did the first two books. You can read my jumbled up thoughts on Beautiful Creatures adn Beautiful Darkness by clicking on the title.

So, Ethan and Lena are back together. Lena did what she should have done in the and now the things have gone berserk. The order has disrupted. Everybody in Gatlin is suffering from the imbalance. Ethan is still hearing songs and still having nightmares but this time Lena isn't having them with him. He is also losing himselfAmma is acting strange and meeting weird people and making hard bargains with ones she doesn't noramlly associate herself with. Link is adjusting to his new powers and Ridley. Ridley is having a hard time as a mortal and also trying to win over Link but not really admitting it. The quest for John Breed is still on. Macon and Liv are hard at work. Ethan's dad is finally getting on with his writing. Let's not forget Abraham and Sarafine are still at large. Lena in hopes of finding closure with her mother is tryin gto get into her past and we find out how Sarafine became how she is now. Ethan, being the wayward has to find what the whole deal with 'The Wheel of Fate' and whose 'eighteenth moon' is the song talking about and 'Who Is The One That Is Two'. An ultimate sacrifice on the hands Ethan leaves everyone he cares about devastated but the whole county in a restored condition (which is what Ethan was going for.)

When I began reading Chaos I didn't really feel the book. I gave up reading it. Then, after reading some other books I picked it up this month. I did start feeling it but after a quarter of the book. When the last book ended, I knew Ridley was upto something and I kinda kinda knew what she was upto when I was reading this book but still I was slightly surprised when John's whereabouts were revealed. I was scared and kinda curious about why Ethan was feeling what he was feeling. Also, Ethan took a lot of time to realise his fate. It seemed at times he had already accepted it but Lena and the others around him made him deny that. I wasn't surprised. Liv and Lena's altercation under the Furor's influence was epic. I liked John in this book. The last chapters after Ethan finds out what he has to do were the best in the book. Amma lost it in this book and that was sad to see. There were deaths in this book dear to Ethan's heart. I got teary when Ethan was telling Amma what he was to do. The ending made me excited about reading the last book 'Beautiful Redemption' in the series. The last line of the synopsis is correct: 'There is no happy ending this time.'

I dunno what else to say about this book. All things considered this book was good. I liked it. I am already reading the next book. Pick up this series as it has an engaging story.


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Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

Happy Reading.

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