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I am trying this feature out.  Basically, in this feature I will post about the books that I left stranded after starting them. I will list the reasons as to why they are in that month's remaining reads. 

These are the books I started in July but never got round to finishing them.

Taken by Erin Bowman. I didn't feel this book. I was 8 chapters in when I decided to ditch it. It was also the debuathon challenge I took part at June's end so I ditched it for that reason too as I had to get my groove on for the 30 day read. I got into a slump after reading this and well I just then didn't feel like reading it after the challenges ended. Technically I started it in June but as it was at the end of June I am counting it as July's remaining read.

I started reading The Diviners for the 30 day read but never got round to finishing it as the challenge ended and the new one began and then I just didn't go back to it as I wasn't feeling like reading it. 

I started The Archived thinking it was a 2013 debut but it wasn't so I left reading it. Then, I had it on my ReadAthon list but never got round to picking it up again.

Carter Finally Gets It's audiobbok is hilarious as hell and a quick listen at that but this weened I just get round to listening to it as I felt like reading Chosen at Nightfall and stuff. 

Rise and The Great Gatsby were abandoned as well because I wasn't feeling them and it felt like I was forcing myself so I just gave up on them. I will read them once I am in the right mood.

I don't think I will get on to reading Rise, Gatsby, Taken anytime soon. Carter Finally Gets It might get a chance this August and The Diviners and Archived may be among those August reads if I feel like it.

I also started The Dark Frost- the third book in the Mythos Academy books but I didn't necessarily abandon it or anything but it still counts as a remaining read, I believe. So, adding that to the rmains my total adds up to 8 books. Just forgot I also started re-reading The Lost Symbol and then just read some other books without any reason, haha.

I will be reading Dark Frost I believe the coming month- its a short read so *shrugs*.

Also, on my 150 book challenge for the year I am now 11 books behind which is goood. I believe I will be right on track if I read more and more before the next semester starts.

Do lemme know what you think of this new feature y'know. xP Also, what books did you leave behind?

Happy Reading.

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