Beautiful Redemption

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My Rating: 4.75 Quills 
Beautiful Redemption- the last book in The Caster Chronicles was a good coclusion to the series. I had the same problems with this one like I had with Beautiful Chaos. Read my review for Chaos, here. It was a tad bit boring and hard to get into. I liked how this book started though- with Lena's POV. But that happiness was short-lived- Ethan's POV started right after D: This book was divided into three books- Book 1 and Book 3 were from Ethan's POV from when he was in the other world. And Book 2 was from Lena's POV. 
I liked Book 1 only because of how everything was shown but then I wanted to know what Lena was upto and I was so happy when I finally started Lena's POV. I liked that part the best. 

We know how things ended in Beautiful Chaos?! What we thought wouldn't happen, happened but then we knew it couldn't happen and so in the fourth it didn't happen! LOL! If you have read the books you must have understood what I am talking about.

Ethan finds himself in the other Gaitlin with inhabitants non ither than those he thought he would never see. Other than being happy to have seent hem again he knows its not right as this not where he belongs. He belongs with Lena. Amma, Link and the others that have become an important part of his life. He doens't stop communictaing with those he left behind. He finds that he shouldn't have done what he did. It was not part of the Caster Chronicles. In order to reverse everything he must embark on a journey and discard that page with his death written on it. Over in the real world Lena and the others have to chance encounters and confront their enemies to help Ethan as the only thing they want is Ethan live and next to them. They succeed in doing just that but with a consequence as it only possible if one life is offered in place for another.

Like I said before I got bored reading from Ethan's perspective and the book got back its energy for me when the book submerged into Lena's head. This book was sad, bittersweet, fun, lonely. I felt the grief that the characters felt- the happiness that they felt. This series overall was bittersweet. I had fun reading about the characters. I will be reading more stuff from these authors.


Rating for the whole series:

Will I recommend this series? Yes.

Previous books in the series:

I have yet to read Dream Dark!

Have you read this riveting series? Which was your favorite from them all?

As for me, I dunno which one is the most beloved from them all. 

Other books by the authors:
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Margaret Stohl: Icons (Publish Date: May 7th)

Happy Reading.
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