Wrap-Up: BookTube-A-Thon Read-A-Thon!

The BookTubeAThon ended yesterday. It was a week long challenge hosted by Raeleen from padfootandprongs07 and Ariel from ArielBisset on YouTube. They had a twittter account and the whole week they had reading sprints thats had some fun challenges. I didn't get to participate in any of those sprint challenges  because well I didn't read that much.

I updated my progress through instagram for the first 5 days. I was going at a fine speed for the first four days at the fifth I started trailing with my reading speed. I read a little on Saturday and Sunday but not too much to actually finish a book. I failed to read even a dingle book from my weekend TBR. 

Firstly, I had driving lessons this whole week and I had to get up like at 8 in the morning. After the lessons I would get home and I had to sleep to energize myself. Then, I would do some reading or not. Anyway, the first 5 days went like this.


I only heard the audiobook for The Raven Boys. I completed it on day 2 along with starting The Hobbit. On Day 3, I finished Hobbit and began Rise and The Great Gatsby. On Day 4 , I started The Lost Symbol -read a little of Rise. On Day 5, I started two more books: The Art of War and continued with Carter Finally Gets It audiobook that I had begun listening to before the readathon. So, I didn't finsh any of these books. On Day 6, I watched a korean show all day with only reading a few pages of The Lost Symbol. On Day 7, I did the same with The Great Gatsby and The Lost Symbol (again). It was like I didn't want to read but you know I did want to read I was just really tired. 

I am really down about the fact that we had to read more than we normally do right but withme it was the opposite. I didn't even read like I normally do. I read more usually than I did this week. So, I dunno what went down. 

I finished two challenges though; the 'audiobook' and the 'been forever on your shelf' book. Happy about that. There were 7 challenges and the one I liked the most was the audiobook one. This was my first time listening to an audiobook. I had so much fun. I am into audiobooks now. LOL. I never thought I would like them. I would usually listen to it before dinner or going to sleep. 

The books I completed:
The Raven Boys (audiobook)- Will Patton did such a wonderful job with this. I absolutley enjoyed listening to this intruguing story. I will be reviewing this fully at the end of the month or whenever but I will be reviewing it.

The Hobbit- I liked this book but I dunno I think I liked watching the movie more. I didn't really feel this book. Like I don't feel like reading the LOTR trilogy you know- the movies are enough. And really they have done justice to the books so there is no need to read the books. D: I wont be revieing this book. I will just elaborate alittle moe in the July wrapup post.

The books I started but didn't finish:
The Lost Symbol- This was for the re-read. 
Rise- For the trilogy
The Great Gatsby- For the classic. I dunno why I dind't read this- like its only a 180 pages. 
Carter Finally Gets It- Not originally for the readathon but as I was in the mood for an audiobook and this books is hillarious. I really like the narrator.
The Art of War- Just cos. It is a beautiful book. I love the illustrations in it. I never wanted to read this book but I dunno wanted to give it a try and picked it up. 

So, anyway, I must have read about a 1000 pages only- a dozen pages over or so. And I am sad more because I could have easily crossed my desired pagecount that was a 2100 pages.

Learned a lot from this ReadAThon- I think I know now how to handle such challenges.

My favorites:
Favortie Book: The Raven Boys
Favorite Challenge: Audiobook
Favorite Sprint Challenge: Mad Lib and 5-Word Summary

Looking forward to next year's BookTubeAThon!!!

How many of you participated in this challenge? Did you take part in any of the sprints? Which was your favorite challenge overall and during the sprints? Which was your favorite read of all from the books you read? Will you participate next year? Lemme know!!

Happy Reading.
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