Weekend TBR

It's the weekend, yayy! That means time for the weekend TBR. I dunno if I will read all these but I still want to try and read them.  According to goodreads I am 17 books behind schedule. I had set out to read 150 books this year and I hope I can fullfil that challenge. Gah. So, here goes my TBR for this weekend:

Currently listening to its audiobook. I am on Chapter 26 and there are 40 something chapters in total. I am enjoying the story so far. It is hilarious. Really like the narrator Nick Podehl.  
I should just be done with this trilogy and finish this book already. I am hoping to read this book. Please just finish this already. D:
I dunno I feel like reading this installment. I might just do that.It will be a quick read for sure. 
So, I still have this to get to. Oh please, book lord! Give me the strength to read this over the weekend. +p
Looking at my current state regarding reading books, the target of reading four books over the weekend is impossible. But I pray and hope I do finish these. 

Gah, what have planned as your weekend to-be-read?! Or just as a #FridayReads book? Lemme know.

Happy Reading.
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