Weekend TBR

These are the books I am planning to tackle over the weekend.

I am currently 30% through. I haven't been reading much. I just want to up my reading speed as I am failing the 30 Day read. :( I like the whole telepathic stuff going on. Check it out!
I have to finish this book this weekend. I have to. If I do I can cross my page count to over 2000. I am currently on page  288. I didn't update as I haven't really read that many pages since I last left this for the Debutathon! Anyway, I just want to finish this
I am thinking of tackling just these two books.I hope I can finish them and get over my reading slump. Gah!

What are you planning to read over the weekend?? Or what have you planned as your #FridayRead??

Lemme know.

Happy Reading.
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