Remaining Reads (4)

Forgot to post this. Eheh. I have read two of the books from the July Remaining Reads so far. And 1 from September's. Which is goood. Let's see what I didn't get to finish in October and November respectively.

I started reading Withering Tights but then kinda wandered and I still haven't gotten back to it. I am thinking I should ditch it. :/ 

I didn't stop reading Of Triton because I got bored or anything bad like that. I just had other priority reads. I hope I can read it this year.
I started reading Rat and Charlie Chan but then decided to focus on other books. I plan to read them this year. I hope I do. I would like to review them both. I have 40 percent more to go with Miss Hyde--November ended and I started Allegiant and you know what happens when you start a book featuring Tris and Tobias. LOL. I am thinking I will be done with this book by mid December.

I stopped reading Sentinel for the same reasons as above- had to read the priority books and try to read books for the AZ Challenge.

So there, you have it, the books I couldn't finish in the past two months.

Happy Reading.
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