BookTube-A-Thon TBR | 2014

Yayyyy. Before I wasn't really sure if I was doing the booktube-a-thon this year as I have stuff going on at home. Anyway, I think I will manage. And sooo. Watch the video for the challenges and such.

Time Frame: July 14-July 21

I will be doing the Reading Challenges fo' sure...D:

The Reading Challenges:

Start and finish a series:  REBOOT AND REBEL
A book with red on the cover: GRAVE MERCYREBOOT, BLOOD RED ROAD
A book someone else picks out for you: THE NIGHT CIRCUS
A book from the genre you've read the least this year: SHADOW OF NIGHT (I feel like I haven't read more witchy books this year and I need to finish this series.)
A book to movie adaptation: THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (I love the movie but I have never read the book so this will be good. This might change. I might choose another book.)
Read seven books: If I am able to read all these. This challenge will automatically be handled.

The Video Challenges:
Day One: Show your top 3 book you read because of booktube. (I dunno- I will have to think about the books. D:)
Day Two: Find the items on three covers. (Easy- Will be doing this one definitely.)
Day Three: Draw a better cover for any book. (Yeah, I might try to do this. HAHA.)
Day Four: Write a story using all the words from three titles. (Will think about it.)
Day Five: Make a rainbow of your favourite books. (Yesss, but it depends if I haven't lent someone that book.)
Day Six: Find 5 things from one of the books you've read this week. (Easy. Will do that.)
Day Seven: Show us where you've read during the booktubeathon! (Yeah, will do this one.)

For the video challenges, I am thinking I will make instagram videos or twitter videos. I dunno. Won't do all of these. I shall see. I will do these video updates hopefully and also daily post updates for the reading challenges here on the blog.

Have fun everyone.
Link me up if you are participating as well.

happy Reading.

Update: I read Grave Mercy before the read-a-thon started. Also, the red book cover challenge is complete and so I will be reading Blood Red Road for fun.
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