Monthly TBR #33

Finished Supreme by Warren Ellis a while ago.. So 1 book done for Sep already I will be done with The Gamble by Kristen Ashley soon making it my 2nd book. Okay so I have lotsa priority reads this month and I am hoping to  put out as many reviews as I can. I really need to do that as my sis and her kids are visiting us next week. And then I will be busy with shopping and such. Gah. Anyway. this is what I want to read in September...

All advance reads... set to release this month so I need to read and review them.. Teheh... Blood Dark by Lindsay J. PryorThe Misadventures of a Play...Menagerie by Rachel VincentThe Heart Goes Last

These four are Oct and Nov releases.. But I need to get my read on with the titles..Spinning StarlightTabathaKid MosesMy Secret to Tell

Also Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4) and need to read ToG 0.2, 0.4 and 0.5... LOL.. Yess.

And whichever I feel like reading form all the other pending reads..

Whatcha reading this month??

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