Review: Marie Lu's THE YOUNG ELITES

The Young Elites by Marie LuThis book!! I felt I could actually visualise it. There is only one other fantasy book world that I could visualise and that was Death Sworn duology by Leah Cypess. (And I loved that series.) And now I have another book world to add to it -- This book and it's marvellous-ness.

It was fast-paced - I read it in two sittings during the book-tube-a-thon. Told from the villain's POV (female villain protagonist o_O) and it was freaking fantastic. There was a little note from Marie at the end about how the book was originally told from one of the guy's perspective. So there's that.

It was a four star read for me throughout until that one moment when everything changed. That scene with that death-- y'guys!! I was shocked-- I was like, 'why??!?' I was devastated. It was soo unexpected. And the ending and the epilogue, what even?!?

Marie Lu can seriously write. Her Champion trilogy was magnificent. I can't believe how different this world was--Like it had the same amazing-ness and jaw-dropping moments but it was a totally different reading experience. That was dystopian, this is fantasy.

This book was simply fab. It was dark and engrossing with captivating characters.

“Be true to yourself. But that's something everyone says and no one means. No one wants you to be yourself. They want you to be the version of yourself that they like.”

Cant wait for The Rose Society... It will hit stores Oct 13th.

Happy Reading.
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